Light sets the mood for our well-being, helps accentuate the positive, and helps us see where we are going too.


Lighting control in a residential environment can bring a new dimension to a house, using a combination of different scenes & selective channels.


We work primarily with Crestron, supplying their custom integration systems & utilising their bespoke switches to give a uniform feel throughout the home.




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    Replacing a 15 year old PABX is a mammoth task, with a lot of staff training & patience.

    The team from Silver did exactly as promised, in the timeframe agreed, and critically on budget.

    We are mission critical on our phones. Our outtage was 3 minutes over lunch.

    Exemplary service & highly recommended..

    TGOperations ManagerTPC
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    • 15 Years pushing buttons...

      Tuesday March 22nd

      So.. we must have done something right to get this far.

      Welcome to our new website - clean ...

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